BlueSense is a business intelligence consulting firm that is committed to improving clarity, trust, and learning in the workplace.

BlueSense has three core competencies: Advisory, Strategy and Learning.

Our History

We started our consulting services 10+ years ago; since then we have been a quiet reasoning partner alongside a number of companies + international organisations in a variety of sectors. Working hand-in-hand with top tier executives like you to guide them through the rough patches of building a robust business in the continent.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help build the next generation of top tier companies in the continent.


Our values are: Simplicity. Innovation + Challenging Excellence


Africa is becoming the next hub for startups + innovation; we want to be the go to consulting firm for startups in the continent - for advisory, learning + strategy.

Simplify Challenges

We approach each problem from a unique perspective, as we understand that two clients can be in the same industry, having similar issues but different problems. In this stead, we begin each solve by taking the time to find out what the exact issues; only when we fully understand this, do we approach the problem. Our vast industry and startup expertise including predictive analytics software solutions and emerging technology, allows us to address problems in unique ways that no one else can.

We provide advisory, strategy and learning services of the highest quality to help build stronger teams, equip executives with the necessary skills to handle problems, and guide companies to reach their set goals. Our clients are fully involved in the processes since we provide personalised solutions to the problems.

We have an enhanced capacity to implement change, build capacity, and help organisations transform themselves. Combining the full scope of our offer today with the strengths of our clients will spark and drive effective and long lasting change.