Published on July 6, 2021 | 3 min read

Traits of great founders


The best companies today, started out with the best founders. The best founders have unique qualities which they have honed overtime. The best founders have a clear vision for the company they run. This is easily the most important of all qualities of a great founder. The best founders think clearly about the product/service that the company is offering, who the consumers are, why the company is even making the product and the future of the product and company. The clearer the vision, the easier it is to make plans in the best interest of the company.

The second quality of a great founder is the ability to make speedy decisive decisions. Founders who look good on paper but fail are often missing this one trait. Once the vision for the company is clear, making speedy and decisive decisions would not be a problem. The trick to being a great founder is your ability to solve any and all problems that you are presented with and solving them quickly. It becomes easier to hire and fire accordingly. Plans that do not fit into the company vision can easily be removed or at least reviewed to fit properly into the company’s vision.

The best founders are always determined and passionate about what they are doing. As a founder, once you can clearly see the vision for your company, it is easy to become aggressively obsessed with your start-up as you are determined to let the company grow to reach its full potential.

The best founders never ignore their users. Users are equally as important as the product Itself; without both, there would not be a company. The users provide feedback for the product and present new angles which you might never have thought about. A great founder focuses on the product and gets feedback from its users constantly. Focus on product means focusing on love. You need to get the product to the point where users would be upset if it went away.
The best founders conduct a pre-mortem for their company. They think about things that could kill the company and tackle those things first. The best founders always ask smart people or experts in the same field to criticise their ideas then they make their decisions from that.

There is no single way to run the perfect start-up; great founders don’t build great companies overnight. They build great things by building a piece at a time. They show up, never give up and do whatever it takes to get to that vision that they have set for themselves. Great founders are just normal people who see the world a certain way, notice there’s a solve missing and go about creating the solve to make the world to align with how they see things.